A Green Kippah

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A GREEN KIPPAH commemorates Yom Hazikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) on a very personal level. This film chronicles the lives and tragic deaths of three American Jews with strong family ties to the USA:
David Solomonov (z”l), Rita Levine (z”l) and Michael Levin (z”l).

All three died in the prime of their lives – whether it be through acts of terrorism, a sniper’s bullet or defending the borders of Israel.
A GREEN KIPPAH reminds us that when Israel loses a son or a daughter, it is felt by every Jew around the world – not just by those living on Israeli soil.

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Every Jew is bound by this sorrow, just as we are bound by the symbols and traditions that have sustained us as a people for thousands of years. We cling to these universal symbols – be it in the strength of a Magen David, the light of a Chanukiah or a soldier’s simple hand crocheted Kippah that was worn into battle defending the Jewish homeland.