Sally Mitlas

About Sally MitlasFrom the award winning Producer and Director of A HERO IN HEAVEN,
Sally Mitlas proudly presents a short documentary that focuses on the importance of Yom Hazikaron for the worldwide Jewish community with the release of A GREEN KIPPAH.

Ms. Mitlas is well respected in the performing arts community. She brings years of expertise and creativity to this field. Her specialty is in creating films that will touch, inspire and educate the worldwide Jewish community.

In 2006, Ms. Mitlas completed the multi award winning documentary film,
A HERO IN HEAVEN.  This film chronicles the life and untimely death of an American-Israeli soldier from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, by the name of Michael Levin (z”l), of blessed memory.  Requests have come in from around the world for A HERO IN HEAVEN and it has been translated into several languages. The Israeli Defense Forces have requested hundreds of copies of the film on behalf of the State of Israel to be shown to all incoming soldiers of the IDF.  Her work has also been broadcast annually on nationwide Yom Hazikaron presentations in Israel.  Many of her documentaries have been featured in film festivals around the world and have received numerous awards for excellence in filmmaking.

Sally Mitlas is presently touring with the film A GREEN KIPPAH which focuses on the importance of Yom Hazikaron for Jews living in the Diaspora.  The twenty minute film tells the story of three Northern American Jews who have lost their lives on Israeli soil due to war and acts of terrorism.  A screening of the film is followed by a question and answer session with the audience led by Ms. Mitlas.

For more information about bringing Producer/Director Sally Mitlas to present A GREEN KIPPAH to your community, please click HERE.

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